To prepare a scientifically sound and publicly supported restoration and public access plan that can begin to be implemented within five years

The overarching goal of the Long-Term Restoration Plan is the restoration and enhancement of wetlands in the South San Francisco Bay while providing for flood management and wildlife-oriented public access and recreation.

Guiding Principles: 

  • The Long-Term Restoration Plan is based on the best available science, and independent scientific review is an integral part of its development and implementation.
  • The Long-Term Restoration Plan is developed through an inclusive and open process that engages all stakeholders and interest groups at the earliest possible time and promotes partnerships and alliances across all interests.
  • Numerous federal, state and local agencies are partners in the Long-Term Restoration Plan and their views are considered fully.
  • The Long-Term Restoration Plan is a flexible plan that is based on the concept of adaptive management - recognizing that information gathering is part of implementation and that modifications will be made in the future based on that information.
  • The Long-Term Restoration Plan is implemented in phases, including achieving early, visible successes.
  • The Long-Term Restoration Plan emphasizes naturally sustaining systems while acknowledging that management will be required to provide a mix of habitats.
  • The Long-Term Restoration Plan integrates habitat restoration actions at a regional scale to provide ecosystem-level benefits.
  • Development of the Long-Term Restoration Plan will consider costs of implementation, management, and monitoring so that planned activities can be effectively executed with available funding. Partnerships and alliances will be formed to develop and institute a long-term viable funding strategy.
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